All images, Copyright 2002-2019, Christine Kerxhalli, All Rights Reserved.
All images, Copyright 2002-2023, Christine Kerxhalli, All Rights Reserved.

Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Church Vestments, Cassocks, Baptism Robes, and  Bible Covers handcrafted with meticulous attention to quality and tradition.

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Christine Kerxhalli and I retired as an Ecclesiastical Tailor at the end of 2018, so this business is now closed.   I am deeply grateful to the Lord and to all of you who have allowed me the privilege of custom making vestments for your ministries all these years.  Thank you so much!

Although I am retired from making church vestments, I do still maintain a blog at where I have posted some free Orthodox Christian educational material, youth activities, and videos which you may find helpful in your ministries.

Thank you again for the privilege of being of service to you in your ministries and churches over the years as an Ecclesiastical Tailor.  God bless all of you as you do the Lord’s Work in His Sacred Vineyard.

Dr. Christine Kerxhalli, D.Min.
Christine Kerxhalli, MTh., DMin

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“Blessed Lord Jesus, Who didst love Thy Father’s House, help us to love Thy service and Thy Church: That as Solomon was taught to build and adorn the temple of the Lord, so we, to whom has been committed here the care of Thy Altar and Sanctuary, may perform our holy work, with pure hands and hearts of fervent love. For Thine own mercy’s sake. Amen.” (Author Unknown)