• MB, Vestal, NY.

Thank you so very much for finishing all the vestments: Priest, Deacon, and altar server vestments. The priestly vestments fit wonderfully….. Thank you for your very professional and excellent work! Thank you for promptly accomplishing and completing this very large order….Thank you again.   Was very impressed.

  • JB., Hershey, PA.

You make the absolute best, and so I am very pleased to be receiving a new one from you; which (believe or not) I just received in the mail, even as I am typing this, and am now wearing. Thank you so much.  This prayer rope is exactly what I wanted.  I am sure it will last as long and will be as serviceable to me as the prayer rope you made me years ago that this new one is replacing.

  • GM., S.Canaan, PA.

I received the cover the personal home bible cover yesterday in the mail. It’s beautiful! Thanks again.

  • JT., Hayward, CA.

I received the Evangelion (Altar Gospel Cover) today and I have to say that I am extremely happy with it. It is so beautiful, a true work of art and so fitting for the altar of the Lord. Thank you so much!

  • AM. Jacksonville, Fla.

The Eucharistic Veils have just arrived. I am so please with the materials, workmanship and service. I will be recommending you to my brother clergy.

  • SB., Houston, TX.

I LOVED the Prayer Ropes you sent me. I just received them today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • WK., Portland, OR.

I received the 4 sets of Deacon Vestments and they fit perfectly.  Beautiful workmanship.  Thank you.

  • DA., Annapolis, MD.

We picked up the altar cloths yesterday – they are beautiful, and fit perfectly!

  • TD., Merrillville, IN.

We received the Priest vestments yesterday and they are just beautiful. Thank you so very much for your diligent work and effort in making them so lovely for my husband to wear before our Lord’s Altar.

  • DF., Newark, NJ.

The priest vestments arrived, have been blessed and I love them!  Thank you.

  • SAAA., Stillwater, MN.

Thank you!  We Love the Prayer Ropes

  • AN., Homestead, Fla.

Excellent! Thank you so much!

  • TD., Roslindale, MA.

My husband loves the Priest vestment that you made him, it is just beautiful and nice and comfortable too.

  • MM., Uvalde, Texas

Thank you so much for the priest stole. It is beautiful. I am so happy with it. You did a great job.

  • BD., Somerset, MA

The Deacon Orarion has arrived.  Its beautiful!  Thank you for making this for me

  • DN., Albany, N

The Priest vestments arrived on schedule. They are truly beautiful and the fit is perfect!  Thanks for a wonderful job.

  • AL., South Boston, MA.

I love wearing the priest sticharia you made for me, so well and expertly done!

  • BP., Abingdon, MD

I received the Cassock today.  Great job

  • BS, Guilford, CT

The Priest vestments safely arrived yesterday.  They are beautiful. Thank you.

  • EM., Raleigh, N.C.

What a truly gorgeous Priest Vestment you have created.  I wore it this morning at Liturgy on the feast of Sts. Simon and Jude…the people were amazed at the beauty and handiwork.  Thank you so very much.

  • EP., Chambersburg, PA.

I am finally back from our vacation and I tried on my new (Deacon’s) vestments.  As I expected, a perfect fit!!  Thanks so much for a job well done.  I am looking forward to wearing them in a couple of weeks when the Dormition Fast begins.

  • GP., Charlotte, NC

I want to thank you for the beautiful Cassock and the Baptismal Robe. I received them today. They look great and they fit perfect!  Please keep the measurements for future orders

  • JB., Portland, OR.

I received the Deacon Vestment on Saturday and gave it to the deacon and his family before the Divine Liturgy on Sunday.  A perfect fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Good job !!!!!!!!!!!…  In the future if there is another need, I will certainly give you a call for your fine work, God willing.

  • EL., Monticello, GA

Your Bible Book covers and Icon Stand Covers are very, very beautiful and exceeds my high expectations.  Thank you so much for this service.

  • AN., Homestead, FL.

The Priest Sticharion arrived today and it is excellent!  Simply excellent!  Thank you so much for your exceptional workmanship as well as the alacrity with which you accomplish your orders.

  • JT., Post Falls, ID

The Priest vestments are gorgeous.  We love how you make the vestments and your style.  Father was so excited and amazed by their beauty.

  • WV., Berea, Ohio

I received my cassock today. It is very nice. You did a nice job. Thank you once again for your hard work.

  • RF., Lenox, MA.

I received the baptismal robe, it fits and looks great!  Thank you, very very much

  • DP., Brookline MA.

I’ve received the Greek Exorasson today and it is beautiful. Thank you once again for making this for me. God bless.

  • SC., McLean, VA.

Your Baptismal robes were soooo great…I’m ordering another.

  • JF., Potomac Falls, VA.

The Priest Vestments arrived early this week and they fit very nicely.  Thank you for all your extra effort.

  • MM., Bearsville, NY

I received my Priest vestments today and am very pleased with them. Thank you especially for making them on such short notice. You should note on your website that you are the fastest seamstress in the country!

  • BY., Medford, MA.

Thank you again for the great job you have done on the Priest’s vestments I ordered.

  • CC., Morrisdale, PA

Deacon’s Vestment set you made for my husband was given to him at Christmas.  Several of us went in on it and we were all together when the gift was given to him.  It was the last gift he opened and we were all surprised at how beautiful the vestments were.

  • IO., Traverse City, MI.

We have received the Gospel Book Cover from you and it is stunning!….Thank you for the great work you have done for us.

  • RV., Sevierville, TN

Deacon’s vestments arrived this afternoon and they are beautiful.  I will be wearing them on Sunday’s Divine Liturgy.  Thanks for your efforts!

  • AG.,Lancaster, PA

We are very pleased with the Altar Cloths.

  • LW., Watertown, CT

I received the cassock today!  It is beautiful and fits very well

  • EO., Irondale, AL

Thank you for your fine work on my Priest Vestments. More than one person

has commented positively about the vestments you made for me. I quite

like my vestments!

  • DH.,New York, NY

I just received the Priest Stole yesterday, and the workmanship is excellent

  • LW., Watertown, CT.

My wife and I ordered a prayer rope and prayer bracelets from you a couple of years ago.  We have loved them.  They are wonderful.

  • SI., Blue Bell, PA

Thank you very much for the great job on the Baptismal Robe, it is very nice

  • SS., Tulsa, OK

I received the baptismal robe and it is beautiful.  Thank you so much.

  • IO, Binghamton, NY

You have done an outstanding job on the altar server robes.  The boys look great!

  • TC., Carbondale, IL

I wore my cassock for the first time tonight for Vespers, and I was very impressed with the fit and quality…..My wife explained to me the different ways the quality of the stitching show what a good piece of work it is….very impressed with the work you do in creating the finished European style seams on the cassock instead of using the serged seams that are so common today.

  • EO., Irondale, Al.

Just a note to let you know that I got the Cassock and it fits very well.

  • PG., Dumfries, VA

I received the Deacon’s Vestments today.  Thank you for such a beautiful job!!!!  My priest was very impressed.

  • AC., Pittsburgh, PA.

The Deacon’s Vestments arrived today and they are beautiful!  Thank you!

  • LM.,Natick, MA

Thank you so much for the thoughtful stole (Epitrachelion)! It is really beautiful

  • DE. Terre Haute, ID

The Chalice Set (Eucharistic Veils) we bought from you is beautifully made.

  • ET., Post Falls, ID

Thank you for all of your beautiful work on my husband’s SubDeacon’s Vestment and Cassock. Your work is AMAZING! We are so grateful for your help!

  • FC., Easley, SC

I received the Deacon’s Vestments last week. They are absolutely outstanding.  The sample cannot compare to the finished product.  Everyone who saw it was amazed

  • BR., Port Charlotte, FL

I got the Priest vestments today, and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful job.

  • ML., Ohio

I just received my beautiful prayer rope.  The feel and weight of your prayer rope is much superior to any of my other chotki. Thank you very much. Your prayer ropes are so superior I have to have one for my wife.

  • DB, Washington Mills, NY

The Altar cover is beautiful and it fits perfectly on my analoy. I want to thank you for all your help and gracious attention to my needs. I will be certain to recommend you to anyone looking for a vestment maker

  • JB., Waipahu, Hawaii

Well, I just wanted to thank you. I have a bunch of prayer ropes, but the one I got from you has the best quality. It is thicker and a lot more sturdy than the other ones, and I am not afraid to wear it all the time, as I am afraid to wear the others. You really do great work, and I love that card that came with it.  It’s very informative.  Very well written.  I will recommend your company to everyone I know wishing to buy prayer ropes.

  • V.RG, West Hempstead, NY

Your beautifully made prayer rope arrived today?  thank you for making it.  As I have been to Mount Athos several times and worn out several prayer ropes.  It is good to know that someone like yourself knows how to tie so well such a difficult knot. Thank you and may God Bless you

  • AL, Mass

The boys love the new Altar Boy vestments, as does the entire congregation. The boys hang them inside out (after use) to keep them aired and clean. That’s saying something for those guys, who used to leave them draped over chairs. We’re all more appreciative of your handiwork and generosity

  • PJ., Williamsville, NY

Fr. Peter is very pleased with the inner cassock. He especially likes the deep pockets. Now he wants me to order an outer cassock and another inner cassock.  Thanks so much for making sure Fr. Peter has such a lovely new inner cassock for his trip

  • AT., Rochester, NY

The Altar Cloths are just beautiful. We will be ordering another set in a different color shortly.

  • GN., Delta, BC, Canada

Thank you. You are a fantastic company. There are many businesses that could learn from your quality of service. May God bless you and your business for bringing honor to His name through your good business practices.

  • MD., Leicaster, MA

Thank you for the Priest Vestments. I usually have problems with the neck size on Vestments and the Vestments you made fit perfectly. They are the most comfortable set of Vestments I have

  • BT., Oceanside, CA

Just wanted to let you know I received the Bible Cover and it is beautiful.  Thank you so much for accommodating my “rush” order. I really appreciate it. Thank you again